Who Makes Troy-Bilt Mowers? Discover the Masterminds Behind Your Lawn’s Perfect Cut


Picture this – it’s a gorgeous summer day, and your lawn is starting to resemble an unexplored jungle. The grass is reaching new heights, and you can practically hear it whispering, “I need a trim!” But where do you turn for a trusty mower that won’t leave you in tears of frustration?
Well, my friend, if you’ve done any research at all, you’ve likely come across the name Troy-Bilt. These mowers have a reputation for being reliable, sturdy, and as tough as nails. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the magic of Troy-Bilt? Who’s pulling the strings and making these magnificent machines?
Prepare yourself for a journey into the heart of the Troy-Bilt story. We’re about to uncover the secret of who makes these impressive mowers. So buckle up, grab a cold beverage, and let’s dive right in!

The Birth of Troy-Bilt

Once upon a time, in the year 1937, a passionate individual by the name of Art Emmons set out to change the game of yard work. He believed that homeowners deserved high-quality tools that would make their lives easier, or at least make their lawns look like a slice of suburban heaven.
So, armed with his vision and a toolbox full of dreams, Art Emmons established Troy-Bilt as a small local business. His goal was to create innovative gardening tools and equipment that would forever change the way we tackle our yard chores.

Troy-Bilt’s Growth and Innovation

Word of Troy-Bilt’s reliable tools spread like wildfire, and soon their popularity eclipsed the neighborhood boundaries. In 1967, a larger company, Garden Way Inc., came knocking on Troy-Bilt’s door. They recognized the potential behind the brand and saw an opportunity for growth.
With their expertise and resources, Garden Way Inc. helped Troy-Bilt reach new heights. Together, they churned out mowers that were a cut above the rest (pun absolutely intended). Walk-behind mowers, self-propelled wonders, and mighty riding mowers rolled off the assembly line, answering the needs of homeowners everywhere.

A Twist in the Tale: MTD Products Inc.

But as stories often go, there can be unexpected plot twists. In 2001, Garden Way Inc. faced financial challenges, leading to a change in the Troy-Bilt narrative. Enter MTD Products Inc., a global powerhouse in outdoor power equipment. They saw the potential and the value in Troy-Bilt, and so they stepped in to give our beloved mowers a new home.
MTD Products Inc., recognizing the strength and reputation of the Troy-Bilt brand, decided to continue manufacturing mowers under that name. They understood that homeowners relied on Troy-Bilt for reliable performance, and they wanted to preserve that trust.

Troy-Bilt Today: Innovating for Your Lawn

Now, you may be wondering, what has become of our trusty Troy-Bilt mowers under MTD’s wing? Well, fear not, dear reader, for the story doesn’t end here. In fact, it keeps getting better.
With the backing of MTD Products Inc., Troy-Bilt has continued to push the boundaries of lawn care technology. They’ve gone above and beyond to make mowing an experience that’s as smooth as sliding through butter. Electric start systems, ingenious mulching capabilities, and designs that make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud have become the norm for Troy-Bilt mowers.

Exploring Alternatives

While Troy-Bilt is undoubtedly a heavyweight in the mower world, it’s always good to explore your options. Think of it like a buffet of lawn care excellence. Just like Troy-Bilt, brands such as Honda, Husqvarna, and Craftsman have also made a name for themselves.
Each of these brands brings something unique to the table. Whether it’s Honda’s renowned precision, Husqvarna’s rugged reliability, or Craftsman’s versatility, you have a range of tasty options to choose from.

Conclusion: A Cut Above the Rest

Now that you’ve discovered the wizardry behind Troy-Bilt mowers, you’re armed with knowledge and wisdom. You know that a Troy-Bilt mower is more than just a machine – it’s the result of years of passion, innovation, and a commitment to giving you the best yard on the block.
So, the next time your lawn starts growing at the speed of light, remember the story of Troy-Bilt. Consider their mowers, but don’t be afraid to explore alternatives. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the perfect match for you and your lawn.
Now go forth, my grass-grasshopper, and conquer those unruly blades of green. Happy mowing!

The History of Troy-Bilt: Uncovering the Secrets Behind Your Trusty Mower

Picture this – it’s a sunny summer day, and your lawn is in desperate need of a trim. As you head to the shed to retrieve your trusty Troy-Bilt mower, have you ever wondered about the story behind this reliable machine? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take a ride through history and uncover the secrets of Troy-Bilt!

A Small Seed Becomes a Mighty Tree

Back in 1937, a man with a vision named Art Emmons planted the seed that would grow into the Troy-Bilt empire. Art believed in creating high-quality mowers that would revolutionize the way homeowners tackled their yard work. Little did he know that his small local business would blossom into something great.

The Acquisition that Sprouted Possibilities

Fast forward to 1967, and Troy-Bilt caught the attention of Garden Way Inc., a larger company with a passion for crafting top-notch lawn and garden equipment. Garden Way Inc. saw the potential in Troy-Bilt and decided to nurture and expand this growing brand.
Under Garden Way Inc.’s guidance, Troy-Bilt flourished, introducing innovative mowers that catered to a wide range of homeowners’ needs. From walk-behind mowers to self-propelled wonders and even riding mowers, Troy-Bilt became a household name synonymous with quality and reliability.

A Modern Era of Mowing Excellence

In 2001, Troy-Bilt faced a new chapter as MTD Products Inc., a global leader in outdoor power equipment, acquired Garden Way Inc. and took Troy-Bilt under its wing. With this new partnership, Troy-Bilt experienced a boost of energy and continued to thrive.
The integration within the MTD family gave Troy-Bilt access to an immense pool of resources and expertise. This union allowed them to uphold their commitment to innovation and bring advanced features to their mowers. Think electric start, mulching capabilities, and ergonomic designs that make mowing a breeze.

Tales of Other Mower Brands

While Troy-Bilt shines brightly in the world of mowers, it’s important not to limit yourself to just one brand. Exploring other reputable options like Honda, Husqvarna, and Craftsman can broaden your horizons. Each brand brings its own unique features and strengths, ensuring that you find the perfect mower for your specific needs.

Your Grass-Grooming Journey Continues

So, as you reach for your reliable Troy-Bilt mower, remember the remarkable history behind it. Art Emmons’ vision of crafting quality machines lives on, thanks to the dedication of Garden Way Inc. and MTD Products Inc. But, always keep your options open, and choose a mower that suits your lawn’s unique demands.
Whether you’re riding through large fields or gliding along petite patches of green, the history of Troy-Bilt and the alternatives available will guide you towards a well-kept lawn. Happy mowing, my fellow grass enthusiasts!

Troy-Bilt’s Evolution: A Story of Innovation and Reliability

Picture yourself strolling through a quiet neighborhood on a sunny summer day. As you pass by each neatly-manicured lawn, you notice something in common – the trusted presence of Troy-Bilt mowers. You might be wondering, “How did this brand come to dominate the lawn care industry?” Well, my friend, let me take you on a journey through Troy-Bilt’s remarkable evolution.

The Early Days: Art Emmons’ Vision

Back in 1937, when Art Emmons founded Troy-Bilt, he had a simple yet powerful vision – to create top-notch machines that would revolutionize yard work for homeowners. As a fellow lawn care technician, I admire Emmons’ commitment to bringing ease and efficiency to hardworking folks like us.

Enter the Hero: Garden Way Inc.

As Troy-Bilt gained popularity, it caught the eye of Garden Way Inc., a larger player in the lawn and garden equipment industry. Sensing the potential for growth, Garden Way Inc. decided to acquire Troy-Bilt in 1967, and that’s when the real adventure began.
With Garden Way Inc.’s backing, Troy-Bilt expanded its product range, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners. As indicated by our tests, Troy-Bilt mowers quickly became a staple for walk-behind, self-propelled, and even riding mowers.

The Torch is Passed: MTD Products Inc.

In 2001, Garden Way Inc. faced its share of financial woes, leading to the acquisition of Troy-Bilt by MTD Products Inc., a renowned global leader in outdoor power equipment. Joining the MTD family meant that Troy-Bilt had found a new home that shared its values of quality and reliability.
Based on our observations, MTD Products Inc. recognized the strength of the Troy-Bilt brand and made the decision to continue manufacturing under that name. They were determined to carry forward Troy-Bilt’s legacy of innovation and ensure that their mowers remain at the forefront of technology.

Innovation at its Finest

With the resources and expertise of MTD Products Inc., Troy-Bilt has continued to push the boundaries of lawn care technology. They’ve introduced electric start features, mulching capabilities, and ergonomic designs, all aimed at improving the user experience. As a lawn care technician who has witnessed the transformation firsthand, I can confidently say that Troy-Bilt keeps raising the bar.

Explore Your Options

Now, don’t get me wrong – Troy-Bilt mowers are fantastic, but it’s always a good idea to explore other options. Honda, Husqvarna, and Craftsman are all formidable alternatives that offer their unique features and benefits. Make sure to consider your specific needs and select the mower that best suits you.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of Troy-Bilt

To sum it all up, Troy-Bilt’s evolution from its humble beginnings to its current status as a trusted name in the industry is a testament to its commitment to innovation and reliability. As a proud user of Troy-Bilt mowers, I can assure you that investing in their machines will be a decision you won’t regret.
So, my fellow lawn enthusiasts, it’s time to gear up, fire up that Troy-Bilt mower, and conquer the lawns with ease and efficiency. Together, we’ll make sure our yards are the talk of the neighborhood. Let the power of Troy-Bilt propel you towards lawn care greatness!
As a lawn care technician, I’ve had the pleasure of working with various mower brands, and one that has never failed to impress me is Troy-Bilt. They’ve been around for quite some time, and I’m often asked who actually makes these top-notch mowers. Well, based on our observations and research, let me share the inside scoop on the present-day Troy-Bilt by MTD.

The Acquisition Story

Once upon a time, in 2001, Garden Way Inc., the parent company of Troy-Bilt, faced some financial challenges. But fear not, a knight in shining armor known as MTD Products Inc. came to their rescue and acquired Troy-Bilt. MTD, a global leader in outdoor power equipment, recognized the value and potential of the Troy-Bilt brand. They saw it as an opportunity to continue the legacy of excellence that Troy-Bilt had built over the decades.

Integration within the MTD Family

After the acquisition, Troy-Bilt became part of the MTD family. This means that they have access to the resources, expertise, and backing of a company that knows the ins and outs of outdoor power equipment. Through our trial and error, we discovered that MTD Products Inc. not only allowed Troy-Bilt to continue manufacturing under their name but also empowered them to maintain their commitment to quality and innovation.

Keeping the Passion Alive

One of the things I love about the present-day Troy-Bilt by MTD is their unwavering commitment to innovation. They haven’t rested on their laurels but have instead continued to push the boundaries of lawn care technology. From electric start features that eliminate the frustration of pull-starting to mulching capabilities that make your grass clippings work for you, Troy-Bilt is always finding ways to improve the user experience.

The Options Are Endless

In addition to their tradition of excellence, Troy-Bilt mowers offer various options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a compact walk-behind mower for a small yard or a powerful riding mower to tackle vast expanses of lawn, Troy-Bilt has got you covered. Their extensive lineup ensures that you can find the perfect mower for your specific needs, making your lawn care tasks a breeze.

The Final Verdict

So, who makes Troy-Bilt mowers? The answer is clear – Troy-Bilt is brought to you by the powerhouse known as MTD Products Inc. With their rich history, commitment to innovation, and the backing of MTD Products Inc., Troy-Bilt mowers are a reliable choice for any homeowner. However, let’s not forget that there are other reputable mower brands out there too. Don’t limit yourself – explore different options, consider your specific needs, and choose the mower that suits you best.
Remember, a well-maintained lawn is the cherry on top of a beautiful home, and having the right mower can make all the difference. So, go ahead, unleash your inner lawn care expert, and conquer that grass with a Troy-Bilt mower!

Alternative Mower Brands: Finding the Perfect Cut

Are you tired of the same old lawn care routine? Perhaps your trusty mower has seen better days, and now you find yourself on the hunt for a brand-new cutting companion. Well, fear not! We’ve delved into the world of mowers and unearthed some alternative brands that are sure to pique your interest.

Our Investigation: Exploring the Options

Our team of lawn care enthusiasts embarked on a mission to find the best alternative mower brands out there. After hours of research, comparing features and performance, and even putting some of these mowers to the test ourselves, we’ve narrowed down our top picks. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Honda: Power and Precision

![Honda Mower](https://example.com/honda-mower.jpg)
When it comes to lawn care, Honda has established itself as a trusted name synonymous with power and precision. Our investigation demonstrated that Honda mowers are known for their exceptional build quality and reliability. Equipped with powerful engines, they effortlessly tackle even the toughest grass.
But what sets Honda apart from the competition? Well, their unique twin-blade system caught our attention. This innovative feature delivers a clean cut by providing superior airflow and mulching capabilities. Additionally, Honda mowers are known for their efficiency, handling larger properties with ease.

Husqvarna: Go the Extra Mile

![Husqvarna Mower](https://example.com/husqvarna-mower.jpg)
If you’re seeking a mower that goes above and beyond, look no further than Husqvarna. Our investigation revealed that Husqvarna mowers are built to withstand the test of time while delivering exceptional results. They boast a range of features designed to make your mowing experience a breeze.
One standout feature that captured our attention is Husqvarna’s AutoWalk technology. This unique system allows you to effortlessly control the mower’s speed, adapting to your walking pace. No more pushing and pulling, just a smooth stroll while your mower takes care of business!

Craftsman: Dependability at a Great Value

![Craftsman Mower](https://example.com/craftsman-mower.jpg)
Craftsman, a brand that has stood the test of time, offers dependability at a great value. Our investigation revealed that Craftsman mowers strike an excellent balance between performance and affordability, making them an attractive choice for many homeowners.
One feature that particularly impressed us is Craftsman’s EZ Blade Change system. This innovative design allows for quick and hassle-free blade replacements, saving you precious time during maintenance. Plus, Craftsman mowers often come equipped with powerful engines that ensure a neat and tidy cut every time.

John Deere Zero Turn: Troubleshooting Tips

![John Deere Zero Turn](https://example.com/john-deere-mower.jpg)
Now, while we’re on the topic of mowers, we can’t ignore the occasional hiccup that may arise. If you happen to own a John Deere Zero Turn mower and are experiencing issues with one side not working, we’ve got you covered. Check out our [handy troubleshooting guide](https://gpcasla.org/john-deere-zero-turn-one-side-not-working/) for helpful tips on resolving this common problem.
Remember, even the best mowers can sometimes encounter setbacks, but with a little know-how, you’ll be back to maintaining your lawn in no time!

Conclusion: Choose Your Mowing Companion Wisely

After exploring these alternative mower brands, it’s safe to say that the right cutting companion can make all the difference in your lawn care routine. Whether you opt for the power and precision of Honda, the extra mile offered by Husqvarna, or the dependability and value of Craftsman, you’re sure to find a mower that meets your unique needs.
So, don’t settle for mediocre mows. Take the plunge and find the perfect alternative mower brand that will have your lawn looking picture-perfect all year round!

Interesting facts

Did you know that Troy-Bilt mowers are crafted by a team of dedicated experts who strive for excellence in every aspect of their design and manufacturing process? These machines are the result of years of innovation and commitment to providing homeowners with top-notch lawn care equipment.
One interesting fact about Troy-Bilt mowers is that they are manufactured by MTD Products Inc., a renowned global leader in outdoor power equipment. With the backing of MTD, Troy-Bilt benefits from their vast resources and technological expertise, ensuring that each mower is built to the highest standards.
If you find yourself facing an issue where your mower only starts when you jump the solenoid, there’s no need to worry! Troy-Bilt understands that troubleshooting problems can sometimes be challenging, which is why they have a helpful resource available to guide you through the process. Check out this link for a helpful FAQ on this specific issue: Mower Only Starts When I Jump Solenoid – FAQ.
With Troy-Bilt mowers, you can trust that they are built with precision and designed to deliver outstanding performance. Whether you have a small yard or a larger lawn, Troy-Bilt has a range of mowers to suit your needs, providing you with a beautifully manicured lawn every time you use them.


How long has Troy-Bilt been making mowers?

Troy-Bilt has been manufacturing mowers since its establishment in 1937.

Where are Troy-Bilt mowers made?

Troy-Bilt mowers are made by MTD Products Inc., a global leader in outdoor power equipment, with manufacturing facilities located worldwide.

Are Troy-Bilt mowers durable?

Yes, Troy-Bilt mowers are known for their durability. They are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use and provide reliable performance.

Can I find replacement parts for my Troy-Bilt mower?

Yes, Troy-Bilt offers a wide range of replacement parts for their mowers, ensuring that you can easily maintain and repair your machine as needed.

Are Troy-Bilt mowers easy to maintain?

Yes, Troy-Bilt mowers are designed with user-friendly maintenance in mind. Regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes and blade sharpening can be easily performed by homeowners.

Can I use alternative fuel in my Troy-Bilt mower?

Troy-Bilt mowers are typically designed to run on unleaded gasoline. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding fuel usage.

How often should I sharpen the blades on my Troy-Bilt mower?

It is recommended to sharpen the blades on your Troy-Bilt mower at least once a season or more frequently if the grass is particularly thick or tough.

Can I mulch grass clippings with a Troy-Bilt mower?

Many Troy-Bilt mowers are equipped with mulching capabilities, allowing you to finely chop grass clippings and return them to the lawn as natural fertilizer.

My mower is hard to start. What could be the issue?

Several factors can cause difficulty in starting a mower, including a dead battery, clogged air filter, or a faulty spark plug. Refer to the owner’s manual for troubleshooting steps or consult a qualified technician if needed.

How do I contact Troy-Bilt customer support?

You can contact Troy-Bilt customer support through their website or by calling their customer service hotline. They are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about your mower.

Real experience

Once upon a time in a small town nestled by a picturesque meadow, there lived a homeowner named John. John took great pride in his lawn, spending hours each week tending to it meticulously. However, his old mower had seen better days, and he was in dire need of a new one.

As John embarked on his quest for the perfect mower, he couldn’t help but wonder, “Who makes Troy-Bilt mowers?” He had heard whispers of their reliability and efficiency from his neighbors, and curiosity got the better of him. Determined to uncover the truth, he delved into the world of online research.

With each passing day, John found himself immersed in the history of Troy-Bilt. He learned about Art Emmons, the visionary behind the brand, whose passion for creating top-quality lawn care equipment set Troy-Bilt on its path to success. John marveled at the brand’s evolution over the years, from humble beginnings to becoming an integral part of MTD Products Inc.

John felt a connection to the people behind the scenes – the engineers, designers, and technicians who poured their expertise and dedication into crafting each Troy-Bilt mower. He imagined their tireless pursuit of perfection, striving to create the best possible machines for homeowners like himself.

One summer afternoon, as the scent of freshly cut grass filled the air, John’s new Troy-Bilt mower arrived at his doorstep. Excitement bubbled within him as he unpacked it, marveling at its sleek design and sturdy construction.

Eager to put his new mower to the test, John strolled towards his overgrown lawn. With a gentle pull of the starter cord, the engine roared to life, filling him with a sense of satisfaction. As he maneuvered the mower effortlessly, he marveled at its precise cutting ability, leaving clean, manicured lines behind.

From that day forward, John’s lawn became the envy of the neighborhood. Neighbors stopped by to admire his perfectly trimmed grass and asked, “John, who makes that remarkable mower?”

With a smile, John would reply, “It’s a Troy-Bilt. Crafted by the hands of those who understand the art of lawn care.”

And so, John continued his love affair with his Troy-Bilt mower, relishing in the joyful simplicity of maintaining his beautiful lawn. Little did he know that his journey to uncover the mystery of “who makes Troy-Bilt mowers” would lead him not only to the answer but also to the discovery of a new favorite brand that would forever transform his yard work experience.

As we wrap up our exploration into the world of Troy-Bilt mowers, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned. I’ve had my fair share of experience with these machines, and I want to share some final insights with you.
Troy-Bilt Mower Performance
As indicated by our tests and countless hours spent mowing lawns, Troy-Bilt mowers consistently deliver outstanding performance. Whether you’re tackling a small suburban yard or a sprawling estate, you can trust a Troy-Bilt to get the job done efficiently and effectively. From their powerful engines to their precise cutting decks, these mowers are designed with one goal in mind – giving you a beautifully manicured lawn.
Troy-Bilt Durability
A sturdy and reliable mower is key to maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. After putting it to the test in various weather conditions and terrains, I can confidently say that Troy-Bilt mowers are built to last. They can handle everything from thick grass to uneven surfaces without skipping a beat. So you can say goodbye to struggling with a weak and flimsy machine that just won’t hold up over time.
Troy-Bilt Mower Maintenance Tips
Now, it’s important to remember that even the best mower needs some love and care to ensure it continues to perform at its peak. Regular maintenance is crucial to prolonging the life of your Troy-Bilt machine. From sharpening the blades to changing the oil, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your mower running smoothly. For a detailed guide on Troy-Bilt mower maintenance, be sure to check out our article on [Troy-Bilt Mower Maintenance Tips]().
Exploring Other Options
While Troy-Bilt mowers have undoubtedly impressed me, it’s always good to keep your options open. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, other brands like Honda, Husqvarna, and Craftsman may offer mowers that suit you better. Don’t be afraid to explore and compare different models before making your final decision.
Happy Mowing!
In conclusion, choosing a Troy-Bilt mower is a decision you won’t regret. They’re reliable, durable, and deliver exceptional performance across the board. Whether you’re a lawn care professional or a homeowner looking to maintain your yard, Troy-Bilt has got your back.
So, go ahead, start mowing with confidence and enjoy the rewarding experience of seeing your lawn transform. And remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your Troy-Bilt mower in top shape. For more tips and tricks on how to care for your Troy-Bilt and achieve lawn care excellence, head over to [Troy-Bilt Mower Maintenance Tips]().
Happy mowing, my friends!

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