Huskee Lawn Mowers – Who Really Builds These Red & Black Beauties?

As a lawn care technician, one of the most common questions I get from homeowners is “Who makes Huskee mowers?” Huskee is a popular brand of lawn mowers sold at retailers like Tractor Supply, known for their affordability and ease of use. However, many people don’t realize that Huskee mowers are actually manufactured by MTD Products Inc., a major producer of outdoor power equipment including brands like Cub Cadet, Yard-Man, and Troy-Bilt.

MTD creates the Huskee line specifically as a “store-branded” product for retailers like Tractor Supply to sell under their own name. This helps stores offer an exclusive line of lawn mowers catered to their customers’ needs and budget. While the Huskee name is owned by the retailer, MTD handles the actual production and distribution.

In the past, Huskee mowers were originally made by AYP and were essentially identical to the Roper brand. However, after AYP was acquired by MTD in 2004, manufacturing was transitioned and Huskee mowers are now produced by MTD in their own factories. The current models are more affordably built compared to premium brands. It’s important to note that Huskee should not be confused with Husqvarna, which is actually a separate company that produces its own distinct line of outdoor power equipment. While the names may sound similar, Husqvarna mowers are not made by MTD.

Huskee Mowers – Manufacturer Information

Huskee mowers are manufactured and sold by MTD Products Inc., one of the largest producers of outdoor power equipment in the world. MTD stands for Modern Tool and Die Company, which was the original name when the company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1932.

Today, MTD has numerous manufacturing plants worldwide, including multiple locations in the United States. All Huskee lawn tractors, riding mowers, push mowers, and zero-turn mowers are engineered and built by MTD.

So while Huskee is the brand name on the mower, MTD is the company actually producing the machines. This type of arrangement, where a major manufacturer creates products for other companies to sell under their own brand, is quite common in the lawn mower industry.

The History Behind the Huskee Brand

The Huskee brand was born in the early 2000s as an exclusive product line for Tractor Supply stores. Tractor Supply is a major retail chain focused on agriculture, lawn and garden equipment, workwear, and other farm and rural lifestyle products.

By creating the unique Huskee brand just for Tractor Supply, it gave the retailer a mower product specifically catered to its customer base rather than carrying mowers with other common brand names. Huskee mowers are essentially “store-brand” models for Tractor Supply. This helps explain why you can’t purchase Huskee mowers from other retailers.

Relationship Between Huskee and Husqvarna

An interesting side note about the Huskee brand is that its name sounds very similar to Husqvarna, another major outdoor power equipment manufacturer. However, Husqvarna is not the same company nor related to Huskee in any way.

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that traces its history back to 1689 as a weapons manufacturer. They began producing outdoor power equipment including chainsaws and lawn mowers in the 1950s and today offer a premium line of products for both consumers and professionals.

Huskee has no corporate affiliation to Husqvarna – the similar sounding names are purely coincidental. Husqvarna mowers are not re-branded Huskees, nor does Husqvarna have any role in producing Huskee machines. The Husqvarna and Huskee brands are completely independent of one another.

Manufacturing Partnerships With AYP

Now here’s where the Huskee story takes an interesting turn. When the brand was originally launched in the early 2000s, the initial lineup of Huskee mowers was manufactured by AYP (American Yard Products). AYP was a major producer of lawnmowers and other outdoor power equipment that supplied machines to various brands and retailers.

Under this initial agreement, AYP built Huskee mowers for Tractor Supply. During this period, Huskee mowers were essentially identical to machines sold under the Roper brand, which was another line produced by AYP. So early Huskees were AYP/Roper mowers with some cosmetic differences and Tractor Supply badging.

Acquisition by MTD Changes Huskee Manufacturing

The manufacturing partnership between AYP and Huskee was relatively short-lived. In 2004, AYP was acquired by none other than MTD Products, makers of Cub Cadet mowers and other equipment.

Once MTD took over AYP, it brought Huskee mower production in-house. MTD terminated the contract for AYP to build Huskees and shifted manufacturing to its own factories.

This transfer from AYP to MTD production resulted in significant changes to the Huskee lineup:

  • Huskees were no longer identical to Roper mowers but designed and built separately under MTD branding
  • MTD introduced new models and features specific to Huskee
  • The materials, components, and build quality changed as MTD produced Huskees to hit lower price points
  • Huskee evolved from a budget AYP/Roper clone into its own value-focused brand and mower designed by MTD

So in summary:

  • Originally Huskees were made by AYP
  • AYP Huskee mowers were basically identical to Roper mowers
  • MTD acquired AYP and brought production in-house
  • MTD now designs and manufactures all Huskee models

This evolution shows how manufacturing relationships and partnerships can change behind the scenes while the brand names on lawn mowers remain the same.

Huskee Mower Models and Features

Now that we’ve traced the history of who makes Huskee mowers, let’s examine some of the machines themselves to understand the lineup. Huskee mowers come in a range of models and categories:

Huskee Riding Mowers

The core of the Huskee lineup is the riding lawn mowers. These full-size tractors are designed for larger yards and offer great value compared to premium brands.

Here are some of the notable Huskee riding mowers:

  • Huskee LT4200 – 42″ deck, 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. A best selling basic riding mower.
  • Huskee Supreme 42L – 42″ deck, 22 HP Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin engine. Higher power and performance.
  • Huskee 46″ Stampede – More heavy duty with 3-blade cutting deck.
  • Huskee 460 Rancher – 46″ cutting width, hydrostatic transmission. Excellent maneuverability.

Huskee Zero Turn Mowers

Huskee also offers a lineup of zero turn mowers, featuring a rear-wheel steering system that allows tight, quick turns.

  • Huskee Patriot 61Koh – 61″ welded steel cutting deck, 26 HP Kohler engine
  • Huskee Patriot 54XTB – 54″ fabricated deck, 23 HP Briggs V-Twin. Entry level zero turn.

Huskee Push Mowers

For smaller yards, Huskee’s push mower models provide a nimble, affordable option:

  • Huskee HU8021P – 21″ push mower with 3-in-1 deck for mulching, bagging or side discharge
  • Huskee HL6565 – 6565 22″ self-propelled mower with variable speed rear-wheel drive
  • Huskee HS6570 – 22″ self-propelled mower with alloy steel 3-in-1 deck

Huskee Tractors and Attachments

In addition to mowers, some Huskee models are full utility tractors suitable for a range of attachments and accessories:

  • Huskee 22HP Pedal Tractor – Detachable mower deck, accepts front/rear attachments
  • Huskee Tow-Behind Tiller – Tines loosen and cultivate soil powered by tractor PTO
  • Huskee 42″ Snow Blade – Clears driveways and paths with manual angle control

This wide selection of Huskee products are all built by MTD to deliver functionality, reliability, and value across the lineup. While not the most premium machines compared to brands like John Deere, Huskees perform well for basic mowing and yard work at reasonable price points.

Huskee mower models and features

Mower ModelDeck SizeEngineTransmissionKey Features
Huskee LT420042″17.5 HP Briggs & StrattonHydrostaticBasic riding mower, best seller
Huskee Supreme 42L42″22 HP Kohler 7000 V-TwinHydrostaticHigher power and performance
Huskee 46″ Stampede46″UnspecifiedUnspecifiedMore heavy duty with 3 blades
Huskee 460 Rancher46″UnspecifiedHydrostaticExcellent maneuverability
Huskee Patriot 61Koh61″26 HP KohlerUnspecifiedLarge zero turn with welded steel deck
Huskee Patriot 54XTB54″23 HP Briggs V-TwinUnspecifiedEntry level zero turn
Huskee HU8021P21″UnspecifiedNonePush mower with 3-in-1 deck
Huskee HL656522″UnspecifiedVariable speed rear wheel driveSelf-propelled with 6.5HP engine
Huskee HS657022″UnspecifiedUnspecifiedSelf-propelled with alloy steel deck

Reasons To Consider Huskee Mowers

So when looking for a new lawn mower, should you consider a Huskee? Here are some of the reasons Huskee mowers make sense for many homeowners:

Price and Affordability

The #1 reason homeowners choose Huskee is the price. Huskee mowers are designed to compete on affordability in the entry to mid-level segments.

A new Huskee riding mower can be $1000 to $2000 less than comparable models from John Deere, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, or Troy-Bilt. This makes Huskee an appealing option if you want to save money upfront.

Good Value and Dependability

While Huskee mowers don’t have all the premium features and sturdiness of top-tier brands, they provide good capabilities for basic mowing. Owners report Huskees holding up well for several years with proper maintenance.

So you’re getting decent value for the price – not the cheapest or flimsiest machines, but also not commercial grade. Reviewers say Huskee’s cut quality, power, and durability are hard to beat for the money.

Wide Availability at Tractor Supply

Since Tractor Supply has over 1800 stores across 49 states, finding a local dealer to purchase and service a Huskee is convenient for many. No need to travel long distances to authorized dealers as with some brands.

This wide distribution network also makes it easier to obtain replacement parts and accessories when required. Tractor Supply stores keep a good stock of common Huskee components.

MTD Engineering and Manufacturing

While not a premium brand, Huskee mowers are built with proven MTD engineering and manufacturing capabilities behind them. So you’re getting the support of one of the largest equipment makers, not an off-brand generic mower.

Considering MTD produces over 1.5 million riding mowers per year, they’ve refined the production process extensively. This leads to dependable, if basic, performance from Huskee machines.

Huskee Warranty

Huskee mowers come with a warranty that provides basic protection from early defects. The standard warranty is 2 years for residential use, 1 year for commercial use. This covers defects in materials, components and workmanship and provides free repair or replacement of defective parts.

The warranty does not include regular maintenance, normal wear and tear, improper usage or accidents. While fairly basic coverage, the Huskee warranty does add some peace of mind. Many competitors offer similar warranties in the value mower category.

Drawbacks and Downsides of Huskee Mowers

Along with the benefits, there are some downsides to consider before choosing a Huskee mower:

Lower Build Quality

To reach lower price points, Huskee mowers undoubtedly cut some corners on materials, components, and fit/finish compared to premium brands. Cheaper steel, plastic, and weaker parts are noticeable in some areas.

This can lead to shorter lifespan, more vibration, and potentially poorer cut quality vs high-end mowers. If you mow acres of property daily, a more heavy duty machine may be prudent.

Limited Dealer Network

Since Huskee mowers are exclusive to Tractor Supply, your only retail purchasing option is through their stores. There are no authorized Huskee dealers outside of Tractor Supply.

This can limit your ability to compare prices, negotiate, or find used/refurbished Huskee mowers locally. An open brand like John Deere provides much wider inventory and dealership selection.

Minimal High-End Features

Huskee mowers focus on affordability and the basics rather than fancy features and accents. So you won’t find premium engines, plush seat suspensions, advanced computer displays, or extensive customization options offered on Huskees. It’s a case of getting what you pay for.

If gadgets and bells & whistles are important, Huskee is not the brand for you. However, if you just need a solid, entry-level mower the Huskee features are likely sufficient.

Long Term Support Questions

Since MTD manufactures models exclusively for Tractor Supply, the long term future of parts and service support is tied closely to both companies. If MTD discontinued the Huskee line down the road, for instance, finding replacement parts could become difficult.

With top brands like John Deere that have been around for generations, you can be confident they’ll be around to honor warranties and provide parts. The long-term outlook may be less certain for a niche retail-specific brand like Huskee. This aspect is worth considering before buying.


Where can I buy Huskee mowers?

Huskee mowers are sold exclusively through Tractor Supply Company stores and website. They are not available from other retailers.

Do Huskee mowers have good resale value?

Huskee mowers generally don’t retain as much resale value as premium brands. However, well-maintained used Huskees can still sell at reasonable prices compared to original MSRP.

How long do Huskee riding mowers last?

With proper maintenance and care, a Huskee riding lawn mower will typically last 6-8 years for the average residential owner mowing 1-2 acres. Higher use will shorten lifespan.

Does Huskee sell zero-turn mowers?

Yes, Huskee offers several zero-turn mower models including the Patriot 61Koh and Patriot 54XTB among others. They provide tight turning ability.

Are Huskee mower parts easy to find?

Since Huskee mowers are sold exclusively at Tractor Supply, replacement parts can be readily found through their stores and website. Availability is good.

Are Huskee mowers made in the USA?

Most Huskee mowers are designed and manufactured by MTD in the United States. Some entry level models may contain imported components.

Do Huskee mowers mulch well?

Mulching capability varies by model, but many Huskee mowers have dedicated mulching modes or mulching kits available to allow good mulching performance.

Huskee Mowers: Good for Basic Lawn Care on a Budget

When shopping for a riding lawn mower, zero turn mower, or push mower, Huskee models can be an excellent choice for homeowners wanting reliable performance without extra frills or stretching their budget. Backed by MTD’s engineering and manufacturing, Huskees provide solid mowing capabilities at very wallet-friendly prices.

While the brand has an interesting history that includes partnerships with both AYP and Husqvarna, Huskee mowers have ultimately settled into their current role as the go-to equipment for Tractor Supply shoppers needing good value.

If you’re the type of lawn owner who takes pride in a neatly mowed yard but doesn’t need acres of finely manicured grass, a Huskee just might be the right fit. While not suitable for picky lawn enthusiasts or landscape professionals, Huskees handle basic mowing, trimming, and yard upkeep very capably. And saving money upfront on the purchase price is always nice too.

When maintained properly and not abused, most Huskee owners are happy with the years of service these affordable machines provide. So don’t write off Huskee mowers based on the low prices alone – the durability and performance are there where it counts to get the job done right.

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