Who Makes DeWalt Lawn Mowers: The Story Behind the Brand

DeWalt is a renowned brand owned by the power tools giant Stanley Black & Decker. Originally starting as a woodworking power tool manufacturer in 1924, DeWalt expanded its range of products in 1994 by acquiring ELU, a German company specializing in woodworking equipment. Today, DeWalt offers a diverse lineup of power tools and outdoor equipment, including lawn mowers, which are manufactured and sold under license from Stanley Black & Decker by MTD Products Inc.

Catering to both residential and commercial customers, DeWalt lawn mowers are packed with user-friendly features. Their cordless models utilize a brushless direct drive motor for efficient and powerful performance, while self-propelled rear-wheel drive makes mowing effortless. Ergonomic controls, padded handles, and a compact foldable design maximize comfort and storability. DeWalt’s commercial zero-turn mowers are built for demanding professional use with heavy-duty construction.

Designed to be durable, high-performing, and versatile, DeWalt lawn mowers represent the brand’s commitment to delivering reliable tools. Backed by the manufacturing expertise of MTD and the legacy of innovation at Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt mowers are made to help customers tackle their lawn care needs with confidence. Whether you’re a homeowner or landscaping professional, DeWalt offers the features and power you need to achieve a pristine lawn.

The History Behind the DeWalt Brand

Raymond DeWalt invented the radial arm saw in 1922 and founded the DeWalt Products Company in Leola, Pennsylvania in 1924 to manufacture his innovative saw. The radial arm saw provided key advantages over previous saws, allowing users to make accurate cuts and decreasing chances of binding or kickback.

DeWalt quickly became known for making high-quality, durable woodworking tools. They pioneered new technologies like magnesium housings, electronic variable speed control, and the companion set of portable power tools.

In 1947, the company moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. By the 1950s, DeWalt products were being distributed globally in over 100 countries. Their flagship radial arm saw dominated the market.

In 1960, DeWalt was acquired by American Machine and Foundry (AMF), which was later bought out by Stanley Black & Decker in 2010. Under this new ownership, DeWalt expanded into making other power tools.

A major milestone was DeWalt’s acquisition of ELU, a German woodworking power tool company, in 1994. This allowed DeWalt to incorporate European designs and technologies into their products. DeWalt also began developing cordless power tools, launching their signature yellow and black 12V and 18V XR lithium-ion tools.

Today, DeWalt continues to be known for durability, reliability, and performance. Their tools are made for professional contractors and discerning DIYers. This reputation for quality extends to the DeWalt lawn mower lineup.

An Overview of the DeWalt Lawn Mower Lineup

DeWalt offers a diverse selection of lawn mowers to meet different needs:

  • Cordless battery-powered mowers – Use FLEXVOLT lithium ion battery system and brushless motors for efficiency
  • Self-propelled gas mowers – Packed with commercial-grade engines and durable heavy-duty construction
  • Zero-turn mowers – Provide tight turning radius and maneuverability with hydrostatic transmission

Cordless Electric Models

The FLEXVOLT system powers most of DeWalt’s cordless mowers. This patented technology automatically changes voltage when switching tools or battery packs. Cordless mowers like the DCMW220 use interchangeable 54V or 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT batteries.

Brushless motors enhance runtime efficiency. Electric start buttons and rear wheel drive offer easy starting and maneuverability around landscaping. LED headlights aid in mowing at dusk.

Self-Propelled Gas Models

DeWalt’s gas mowers are designed for residential use with mid-sized yards. The DYM1000B features a 159 cc DeWalt branded engine with auto choke and durable steel mowing deck.

Self-propelled rear wheel drive provides power assistance. Other features like height adjustment, mulching/side discharge options, and 3-in-1 capability add to convenience.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

For professional landscapers and demanding yards, DeWalt commercial zero-turn riding mowers offer superior control and time-savings.

These mowers have vertically oriented engines and hydraulic speed control levers. Making zero-radius turns brings efficiency to mowing around trees, fences, and landscaping.

DeWalt commercial zero-turn models utilize heavy-duty transmissions, welded steel cutting decks up to 66″, and cushy suspension seats.

DeWalt Lawn Mower Manufacturing

  • DeWalt lawn mowers are manufactured under license from Stanley Black & Decker by MTD Products, a major producer of outdoor power equipment.
  • They are made in the USA at facilities based in Ohio and Tennessee.
  • The manufacturing utilizes high-quality components and advanced technology.

MTD brands itself as “America’s Lawn, Garden, and Snow Equipment Leader.” The company has eight manufacturing plants in the US and distributes products through retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco.

For DeWalt mowers, MTD utilizes domestic facilities and workers. State-of-the-art robotics improve production efficiency. Strict quality control standards ensure optimal performance and durability.

DeWalt mowers are first designed and engineered at DeWalt’s headquarters. Then, MTD handles sourcing high-grade materials and manufacturing based on DeWalt’s specs.

This collaborative process leverages MTD’s production capabilities and DeWalt’s experience with creating professional-grade, innovative tools. The end result is rugged and well-built DeWalt mowers.

Key Features of DeWalt Mowers

DeWalt lawn mowers stand out for the following features:

  • Powerful performance – Excellent power and battery runtime for both cordless and gas models
  • Ergonomic design – User-friendly controls, padded handles and compact storage
  • Robust construction – Durable heavy-duty build quality made to last
  • Low maintenance – Require minimal upkeep and easy to service
Brushless motorsEnhanced efficiency
FLEXVOLT battery systemLong runtime
Self-propelled & zero-turn modelsSuperior maneuverability
Commercial-grade componentsReliability under heavy use

Powerful Performance

DeWalt mowers deliver abundant power to tackle challenging mowing conditions. Their commercial engines provide speed, blade torque, and reliable starting. Batteries output optimal energy and voltage regulation.

Comfortable Design

Thoughtful ergonomic touches enhance the mowing experience. Handles have enhanced grip areas to reduce hand strain. Control panels feature intuitive placements. The mower height adjusts via a quick lever for convenience.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Rugged frames, steel decks, and impact-resistant housings hold up against wear and tear. DeWalt mowers are made to operate in tough environments.

Low-Maintenance Operation

Easy access to belts, cables, and filters simplifies maintenance. Replacing parts is straightforward. Features like washout ports simplify deck cleaning after mowing wet grass.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

DeWalt lawn mowers earn positive feedback for:

  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Ability to handle tough mowing jobs
  • Comparable quality to top brands like Honda and Toro
  • Professional landscapers praise their commercial mowers
  • Homeowners love their ease of use and versatility

Reviews from Professionals

Professional landscapers applaud the power and efficiency of DeWalt’s commercial zero-turn mowers. The responsive handling impresses operators. DeWalt engines start easily even under heavy use. Pros appreciate how DeWalt stand behind their products.

Reviews from Homeowners

Homeowners praise how DeWalt cordless electric models provide gas-comparable power. The batteries last long enough to mow larger yards on one charge. Users mention the rear wheel drive makes mowing up slopes effortless. DeWalt’s 3-year limited warranty provides peace of mind.

Reviews Compared to Other Brands

In comparisons against other major brands like Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Honda, DeWalt mowers rate well for their construction quality, user-friendly design, and reliability. Reviewers mention they are willing to pay more for a DeWalt mower knowing it will deliver years of performance.

DeWalt’s Lawn Mower R&D and Innovation

Behind DeWalt’s lawn mowers is a legacy of pioneering new technologies. DeWalt invests in R&D to develop mowers that operate more efficiently and reliably.

Some notable innovations include:

  • Electric Brushless Motors – More power, longer runtime, reduced noise
  • Lithium Ion Batteries – Long-lasting, fade-free performance
  • Rear Wheel Drive – Adds traction and maneuverability
  • Zero-Turn Technology – Enhanced control and turning radius
  • Smart Control – Onboard intelligence for optimizing mower settings

DeWalt holds over 100 patents related to lawn mower improvements. They apply knowledge from their experience with pro power tools to raise the bar in the outdoor power equipment industry.

For instance, DeWalt has introduced mowers with electric ride-on platforms adapted from their compact jobsite vehicles. Their zero-turn mowers integrate high-grade pumps and wheel motors drawn from heavy machinery expertise.

DeWalt’s Commitment to Quality

Throughout DeWalt’s history, they’ve continually raised quality standards. Their mowers undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum durability.

DeWalt engineers evaluate components through stress testing. They simulate impacts, drops, extreme heat, cold, and moisture levels far beyond normal conditions. Mowers run for hundreds of hours to assess long-term endurance.

High-grade steel, precisely machined parts, and protective coatings make DeWalt mowers built to last. Strict quality control eliminates variability. DeWalt stands behind their mowers with strong warranties.

For nearly a century, DeWalt has satisfied professionals and homeowners seeking high-performance, long-lasting tools. Their lawn mowers uphold that hard-won reputation. With the backing of parent company Stanley Black & Decker and manufacturing partner MTD, DeWalt delivers mowers designed to provide years of flawless service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes DeWalt lawn mowers?

DeWalt lawn mowers are manufactured under license from Stanley Black & Decker by MTD Products, a major producer of outdoor power equipment in the USA.

Where are DeWalt mowers made?

DeWalt lawn mowers are made at MTD’s manufacturing facilities based in Ohio and Tennessee in the United States.

What types of mowers does DeWalt offer?

DeWalt has cordless battery-powered mowers, self-propelled gas mowers, and commercial zero-turn riding mowers in their lineup.

How long do DeWalt mower batteries last?

DeWalt uses FLEXVOLT lithium ion batteries that provide extended runtime. For example, the DCMW220 model can mow up to 0.25 acres on a single charge.

Are DeWalt mowers good for residential use?

Yes, DeWalt mowers are great for residential use. Homeowners praise their cordless models for easy maneuverability, ample power, and long battery life.

Are DeWalt mowers good for professional use?

Yes, landscaping professionals highly recommend DeWalt’s commercial zero-turn mowers for their durability, speed, and tight turning radius.

How does DeWalt stand behind their products?

DeWalt provides strong 3-year limited warranties and support for their lawn mowers to back their reputation for quality and reliability.

What innovations has DeWalt brought to lawn mowers?

DeWalt has pioneered brushless motors, lithium ion batteries, zero-turn technology, and onboard smart controls for more efficient and user-friendly mowing.


In summary, DeWalt’s legacy of durable and innovative tools continues in their lawn mower offerings. With lawn mowers manufactured domestically using premium materials and technology, DeWalt establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of yard maintenance. Their mowers are great for both residential settings and heavy-duty commercial use.

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