Who Makes Ariens Mowers: Powering Your Lawn Care Dreams

Ariens Company, an American equipment manufacturer based in Brillion, Wisconsin, has been producing outdoor power equipment since 1933. Founded during the Great Depression by Henry Ariens and his sons, the company started by making rototillers and snowblowers. In 1958, Ariens entered the lawn and garden market when they introduced their first riding lawn mower. Since then, Ariens has continuously expanded and improved their mower production, manufacturing a wide range of models including zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors for both commercial and residential customers.

Today, Ariens is a well-known brand in the lawn care industry, often compared to other popular manufacturers like Husqvarna, John Deere, and Gravely. Ariens competes well against these brands in terms of reliability, performance, operator comfort and overall quality. The company also produces Gravely branded mowers and equipment which are geared specifically for the commercial landscaping market. Gravely mowers are designed to handle the demands of professional use.

Ariens mowers and outdoor power equipment are available through independent dealers in North America and Europe. With over 85 years of experience manufacturing snowblowers and tractors, Ariens has established itself as a trusted brand for high quality, durable lawn care machines. Their history and expertise continue to drive innovation and improvements in their zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors today.

Ariens Company Background

Ariens Company, headquartered in Brillion, Wisconsin, has carved a niche for itself as a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. Rooted in its family-owned ethos, this Wisconsin-based company has thrived under the astute leadership of Dan Ariens, the current CEO and the great-grandson of the founder, Henry Ariens.

Over the years, Ariens Company has extended its influence by acquiring several outdoor equipment brands, including the well-known Gravely brand, renowned for its commercial-grade equipment. This strategic expansion has allowed Ariens to cater to a diverse customer base, spanning both residential and professional segments of the market.

Ariens Mower Models and Brands

Ariens Company’s product portfolio boasts an impressive array of lawn care equipment, designed to meet the demands of consumers and professionals alike. Here’s a breakdown of their mower models and brands:

Mower TypeBrandDescription
Residential MowersAriensDesigned for homeowners, Ariens-branded mowers excel in reliability and operator comfort.
Commercial MowersGravelyGravely, acquired by Ariens Company, specializes in professional-grade equipment known for its performance and durability.

These mowers come in various configurations, catering to specific needs within the lawn care equipment market. Some notable categories include zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, and battery-powered mowers. The versatility of their product line ensures that customers can find the perfect fit for their lawn care needs, whether it’s for residential or professional use.

Residential Mowers

These mowers are designed for homeowners and are marketed under the Ariens brand.

Mower TypeDescription
Zero-turnManeuverable mowers known for their efficiency.
Walk-behindPush and self-propelled models for smaller yards.
RidingComfortable and efficient for larger lawns.
RoboticAutonomous mowers for hands-free lawn maintenance.

Commercial Mowers

Commercial-grade mowers are sold under the Gravely brand, which Ariens acquired. These mowers are designed for professional landscapers and other commercial users.

Mower TypeDescription
Zero-turnHigh-performance mowers for large areas.
Walk-behindRobust, commercial-grade walk-behind mowers.
RidingPowerful riding mowers for heavy-duty tasks.
Stand-onCompact and efficient stand-on mowers.

Ariens Company’s commitment to providing a wide range of mower models ensures that customers have options that suit their specific needs, whether it’s maintaining a residential lawn or managing commercial landscaping projects.

Ariens Mower Engines and Parts

A key aspect of Ariens’ commitment to quality is the selection of engines and components used in their mowers. Here’s a closer look at what powers these machines:

  • Engine Brands: Ariens mowers are equipped with engines from respected brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, and Ariens’ very own branded engines. This diversity in engine choices allows customers to select the powerplant that best suits their preferences and requirements.
  • Historical Perspective: Ariens’ journey through engine choices includes the use of Tecumseh engines until 2009, highlighting the company’s dedication to adapting and evolving to meet changing industry standards.
  • Parts Sourcing: In addition to engines, Ariens sources various components, including small engine replacement parts, from both local and foreign suppliers, ensuring that their products maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

One notable partner in their supply chain is the Stens Corporation, a trusted supplier of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. This collaboration exemplifies Ariens’ commitment to providing top-notch service and support to their customers.

Engine Brands

Ariens utilizes engines from various reputable brands, offering customers a choice of power sources:

Engine BrandDescription
Briggs & StrattonKnown for reliability and performance.
HondaRenowned for their efficient and durable engines.
KawasakiTrusted for their power and endurance.
Ariens Proprietary EnginesThe company also manufactures its own engines tailored to mower needs.

Parts Sourcing

Ariens Company ensures the quality and durability of its mowers by sourcing components and parts from a diverse range of suppliers:

  • Local Suppliers: Components are sourced from local suppliers, fostering regional partnerships.
  • Foreign Suppliers: Some parts are also acquired from international suppliers, ensuring a global network of resources.

This comprehensive approach to engines and parts procurement enables Ariens to deliver high-quality mowers that meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers while maintaining the company’s commitment to durability and performance.

IV. Availability and Warranty

Ariens’ dedication to customer satisfaction extends to the availability of their products and the peace of mind they offer through warranties:

  • Availability: Ariens products are readily available through a network of independent power equipment dealers, ensuring accessibility to customers in North America and Europe. This distribution network provides customers with local points of contact for sales, service, and support.
  • Warranty Coverage: Warranty coverage for Ariens mowers varies, ranging from 2 to 5 years, depending on the specific model and region. Notably, engines often come with longer warranties, underscoring Ariens’ confidence in the durability and reliability of their powerplants.


Ariens products can be found at independent power equipment dealers, making them accessible to customers in:

  • North America
  • Europe

This extensive dealer network ensures that Ariens mowers and outdoor power equipment are conveniently available to a wide range of customers.

Warranty Coverage

Ariens provides warranty coverage for their mowers, with varying durations depending on the specific model and components. Here’s an overview:

Warranty DurationCoverage Details
2-5 YearsWarranty coverage ranges from 2 to 5 years, offering protection against defects and malfunctions.
Longer Warranties for EnginesEngines often come with longer warranties, reflecting Ariens’ confidence in the reliability of their power units.

Ariens’ commitment to warranty coverage underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction and the durability of their outdoor power equipment. Customers can rely on these warranties to support the longevity and performance of their Ariens mowers.


When was Ariens Company founded?

Ariens Company was founded in 1933 by Henry Ariens in Brillion, Wisconsin.

What products does Ariens manufacture?

Ariens manufactures a range of outdoor power equipment including lawn mowers, snow blowers, zero-turn mowers, and lawn tractors. They produce consumer equipment under the Ariens brand and commercial equipment under the Gravely brand.

Where are Ariens mowers manufactured?

Ariens mowers are manufactured in Brillion, Wisconsin and Oxford, UK. Some engines and components are sourced from other suppliers.

What is Ariens best known for?

Ariens is best known for its snowblowers and lawn tractors. The company has a long history of manufacturing durable and high performance residential outdoor power equipment.

Does Ariens make robotic mowers?

No, Ariens does not currently manufacture robotic mowers. Their product line is focused on traditional riding and walk-behind lawn mowers, both gas-powered and battery-electric.

How long is the warranty on Ariens mowers?

Warranty coverage varies by model, but is typically between 2-5 years. Ariens engines often come with longer warranties from the engine manufacturer.

Where can I purchase Ariens equipment?

Ariens products are sold through an independent dealer network in North America and Europe. Use their website to find authorized local dealers.


In conclusion, Ariens Company, a Wisconsin-based American equipment company, has firmly established itself as a reliable and innovative producer of outdoor power equipment, including an impressive range of mowers. With a history dating back to its founding in 1933 and a commitment to quality, Ariens has become a trusted name in the industry. The acquisition of the Gravely brand further solidifies their presence in the professional equipment market, while their diverse mower models, encompassing zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, and battery-powered options, cater to a broad spectrum of users. Ariens’ dedication to excellence, operator comfort, and reliability, backed by warranty coverage, makes them a preferred choice for both residential and commercial customers in the lawn care equipment sector.

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